The Notice of the Final and Winter Holiday Arrangements for Foreign Students


It’s nearly the end of this semester, in order to ensure the final work smoothly and make preparations for next semester, the important notice are as follows:





Final examinationplease get detailed information form the exam schedule



Winter vacation


registration pay fees


New semester start


2. Winter holiday for teachers: 2016.1.17-2016.2.21


3. Notice for students stay in school

ØPay accommodation fees:

double room &triple room :600RMB/month/bedtotal for winter vacation:1200RMB/bedsingle room:900RMB/month/bedtotal for winter vacation:1800RMB/bed

Øplease fill in the application form for winter vacation stay (get from the students’ affairs office112 or dormitory entrance guard ) before 2015.12.25

ØOnly the students who pay accommodation fees for holiday before 2015.12.25 can stay.


4school-leaving requirements

ØTake care ofyourpassport, pay special attention to the traffic security and prevent yourselves from being deceived and stolen

ØTidy up the items (Books, clothes, documents, etc.) in the dormitory, The valuables are strictly prohibited leaving in the dormitory, remember to shut the doors ,cut off the power supply and windows when traveling or going back home.

ØThe students need to register at the dorm guard administrator first before traveling outside. During the travel period the fees are still charged.

ØPlease contact the teacher 15 days in advance for visa issues.